How to Put Temperature on Instagram Story: A 2023 Guide

By: Ellen Bartolino

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How to Put Temperature on Instagram Story: Adding Temperature to Your Instagram Story and Other Essential Tips

Have you ever been on a trip, experienced some wild weather, and thought, “I wish I could show my Instagram followers just how hot or cold it is right now!”? You’re not alone. Many Instagram users have been there, feeling the same agitation. But here’s the solution: Instagram now allows you to add a temperature sticker to your stories, letting your followers know exactly how warm or chilly your current location is. Let’s dive into how you can make the most of this feature.

Importance of Instagram Stories in 2023

Importance of Instagram Stories in 2023

In the ever-evolving world of social media, Instagram stories have emerged as a dominant force. With over a billion users, Instagram has become more than just a platform for sharing photos; it’s a space where users can share fleeting moments, connect with their audience, and tell a story that resonates. In 2023, the importance of Instagram stories has reached new heights. Whether you’re a brand, an influencer, or just someone who loves to share their daily life, stories offer a dynamic way to engage with your followers. Every time you add a new story, you’re not just posting content; you’re building a narrative that can captivate, inform, and entertain.

The rise of the temperature feature on Instagram

One of the standout features that has gained traction in recent times is the temperature feature on Instagram. Gone are the days when you had to manually type out the weather conditions. With the temperature sticker, you can now effortlessly share the current temperature of your location, adding a touch of authenticity to your stories. Whether you’re sipping a cold drink on a sunny beach or wrapped up in layers during a snowstorm, the temperature sticker allows your followers to feel a part of your experience.

It’s not just about showing off; it’s about sharing a moment, a feeling, a sensation. And in 2023, with the ever-growing emphasis on real, unfiltered content, the temperature feature has become an indispensable tool for many Instagram account holders.

Setting Up Your Instagram Story

Instagram has become the go-to platform for sharing moments, and its story feature is at the forefront of this trend. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned user, setting up your Instagram story can be a breeze if you know the right steps. Let’s dive in!

Accessing the story feature

To kick things off, open the Instagram app on your device. On the top left corner, you’ll notice your profile picture with a “+” sign. This is the new story icon. Simply tap on it, and you’ll be directed to the story section where you can start creating your masterpiece. It’s as simple as that!

Navigating the story interface

Once you’re in the story mode, you’ll notice various icons at the top and bottom of the screen. These icons are your creative tools. To add media, simply tap on the screen and choose from your gallery or capture a new photo or video. The icon on the top right, resembling a sticker, is where the magic happens. By using the app’s interface, you can add text, GIFs, polls, and yes, the much-loved temperature sticker. Play around with these features to make your story stand out.

In 2023, many users have reported issues with the Instagram story feature, including the disappearance of the temperature feature.

Adding Temperature to Your Story: Temperature Sticker

Adding Temperature to Your Story: Temperature Sticker

Instagram stories have become a canvas for users to share snippets of their day, and adding the current temperature is a popular trend. Whether it’s a chilly winter morning or a scorching summer afternoon, showcasing the temperature can add context to your story. But how do you do it?

Using built-in stickers

Once you’ve captured or uploaded your photo or video to your story, tap on the sticker icon at the top of the screen. This will open up your sticker collection. Among the various options, you’ll find the temperature sticker. Simply tap on it, and Instagram will automatically detect your current location’s temperature and add it to your story. It’s a fun way to let your followers know whether you’re enjoying a warm cup of cocoa or sipping on a cold iced tea.

Troubleshooting common issues

But what if you can’t find the temperature sticker? Don’t fret! Sometimes, depending on your iOS or Android device, certain features might not be available or might be hidden. If you can’t add the temperature sticker, ensure your app is updated to the latest version. Also, check if you’ve granted Instagram the necessary permissions to access your location.

Speaking from personal experience, last summer, I was on a vacation in Greece. I wanted to flaunt the perfect beach temperature on my Instagram story. To my surprise, the temperature sticker was missing. I had to manually type it out, which didn’t give the same effect. So, always ensure you’ve checked all settings and maybe even restart the app if needed.

Enhancing Your Story with Sticker on Instagram

Instagram stories have become a staple for many users, allowing them to share snippets of their day, showcase their creativity, and engage with their followers. But did you know there are ways to make your stories even more captivating?

Using filters and effects

Instagram offers a plethora of filters and effects that can transform your stories from mundane to mesmerizing. Whether you’re looking to add a vintage touch, a dreamy glow, or even a quirky animation, the sticker feature in the app has got you covered. Simply tap on the sticker icon when you add a story, and you’ll be presented with a sticker collection that includes various effects to enhance your content. Remember, it’s not just about making your story look good; it’s about conveying a mood, telling a story, or sharing a moment in a way that resonates with your audience.

During a winter morning in New York, I tried showcasing the freezing temperature on my Instagram story. It became a fun game among my followers to guess the temperature as the feature was missing that day. It reminded me of the importance of using the right effects to convey the message and engage the audience.

Enhancing Your Story with Sticker on Instagram

 Adding music and soundtracks

Music can set the tone for your story, making it more engaging and memorable. Instagram allows you to add soundtracks to your stories, giving them a more dynamic feel. Whether you want to share a song that’s stuck in your head, set a mood, or simply add a fun background tune, the app makes it easy. Simply tap on the music icon when you’re using the temperature sticker or any other feature, search for the track you want, and add it to your story. Remember, the right song can elevate your story, making it more shareable and memorable.

Incorporating music and effects into your stories not only enhances the visual appeal but also makes them more interactive and engaging. So, the next time you’re about to share the temperature or any other moment on your story, take a moment to explore the various features Instagram offers. You might just find the perfect effect or soundtrack to make your story stand out!

Instagram Story Metrics to Monitor

Ever wondered how your Instagram Stories are performing? Or perhaps you’re curious about how to measure their success? You’re not alone. With the rise of Instagram Stories as a powerful tool for brands and influencers, understanding the metrics behind them has become crucial. Let’s dive into the key metrics you should be monitoring and why they matter.

Understanding Retention Rate

You’ve probably heard the term “retention rate” thrown around when discussing Instagram Stories. But what does it actually mean? Simply put, it’s a measure of how many viewers stick around to watch your entire story. Instagram allows users to see the percentage of viewers who watched from the first to the last frame of your story.

This is a guide to learn about your audience’s interest in your content. If you’re noticing a high drop-off rate, it might be time to reevaluate your story’s content or length. Remember that time I mentioned during a winter morning in New York when I tried showcasing the freezing temperature on my Instagram story? It was a hit because it was relatable and timely. That’s the power of content that resonates.

The Significance of Tap-Forward and Tap-Back Rates

Ever noticed how sometimes you tap forward to skip a story or tap back to rewatch a previous one? These actions are more significant than you might think. The tap-forward rate indicates the number of times someone tapped to skip to the next story, while the tap-back rate shows how many times someone rewatched a part of your story. If you notice a high tap-forward rate, it might mean your content isn’t engaging enough.

On the other hand, a high tap-back rate can indicate that your content was so good that viewers wanted to see it again! Remember, while using Instagram, it’s essential to keep an eye on these metrics to understand your audience’s behavior better. And if you ever find yourself in a situation where your phone’s GPS isn’t working, and you can’t add the temperature sticker, get creative! Share a fun fact or a personal anecdote to keep your viewers engaged.

Instagram Story Metrics to Monitor

Analyzing Reach and Exit Rates

Reach and exit rates are two other essential metrics to monitor. The reach rate indicates the number of unique viewers who saw your story, while the exit rate shows how many viewers left your story before it finished. If you’ve granted Instagram access to your location services, you can also see where your viewers are located, which can be beneficial for businesses targeting specific regions. A high exit rate might indicate that your story was too long or not engaging enough. It’s essential to strike a balance between providing valuable content and keeping your viewers’ attention.

And speaking of attention, did you know that Rival IQ analyzed over 72K Instagram Stories posted between June and November 2022 to provide insights for the 2023 marketing strategy? It’s a testament to the growing importance of Instagram Stories in today’s digital landscape.

Engaging with Your Audience on Instagram

Have you ever felt that your Instagram posts are lost in the vast ocean of content, barely getting any traction? You’re not alone. Many users struggle with low engagement rates, even when they’re posting quality content. But what if there was a way to not only increase your engagement but also make your posts more memorable and interactive? Let’s dive into some strategies that can help you achieve just that.

Encouraging interactions and replies

Ever posted a stunning photo from your recent vacation, only to get a handful of likes and even fewer comments? It’s disheartening, especially when you’ve put effort into capturing that perfect shot. But here’s the thing: sometimes, it’s not about the content but how you present it.

By allowing Instagram to grant access to your phone’s location, you can add a geotag to your posts. This not only gives context to your photos but also increases the chances of them being discovered by users browsing that location. Remember, it’s all about making it easy for your audience to interact with your content. And sometimes, a simple geotag can make all the difference.

But wait, there’s more! Have you ever come across a post that asks a question or prompts you to share your opinion? It’s a simple yet effective way to encourage interactions and replies. By posing a question related to your post, you’re inviting your followers to share their thoughts, leading to increased engagement.

Engaging with Your Audience on Instagram

Using polls, questions, and quizzes

Instagram Stories have become a powerful tool for engagement. With features like polls, questions, and quizzes, you can make your stories interactive and fun. But remember, it’s essential to ensure that these features align with your content and brand message.

For instance, if you’re a travel blogger, you can use the poll feature to ask your followers where they’d like to see you go next. Or if you’re a fitness enthusiast, you can quiz them on different workout techniques. The key is to make it relevant and engaging.

And don’t forget, when using these features, always ensure that you’ve set your location settings to “allow only while using” the app. This ensures that you’re not sharing your location when you don’t intend to.

A study conducted in 2023 highlighted the challenges faced by Instagram users due to the disappearance of the temperature feature. Many influencers and brands who relied on this feature for their travel and lifestyle content had to find alternative ways to showcase the weather. This led to a surge in creative content, with users coming up with innovative ways to display temperature, from using third-party apps to manually designing temperature graphics.


Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of Instagram stories has been quite the adventure. As we wrap up, it’s essential to reflect on some of the significant changes and their implications.

The disappearance of the temperature feature in 2023 and its implications

Remember the days when you could effortlessly put the temperature on your Instagram story? A simple feature, yet it added a touch of real-time context to your posts. However, 2023 saw its unexpected departure.

Instagram’s decision to remove the temperature feature left many users puzzled. Was it to streamline the sticker options? Or perhaps there were underlying concerns about location sharing? The exact reasons remain a topic of speculation.

But here’s the silver lining: Instagram, in its essence, is a platform of innovation. Features might come and go, but the primary goal remains – to share moments and connect. So, while the absence of the temperature sticker might feel like a missing puzzle piece, it’s an opportunity to get creative and explore other engaging ways to interact with your audience.

For instance, polls, quizzes, and GIFs offer alternative avenues to depict the day’s mood or weather. It’s all about adapting and finding new ways to engage and resonate with your followers.

In conclusion, the temperature feature’s disappearance in 2023 is a testament to Instagram’s dynamic nature. While we might miss the convenience of quickly adding the temperature to an Instagram story, it’s a nudge to explore and embrace the platform’s other diverse features. After all, Instagram is less about the tools and more about the narrative we craft.

How do I put the temperature on my Instagram Story?


How do I put the temperature on my Instagram Story?

To put the temperature on your Instagram Story, you can add a temperature sticker. This sticker will show the temperature of your current location.

How can I add the temperature to my Instagram Story?

To add the temperature to your Instagram Story, follow these steps:

  1. Open Instagram and go to the story creation screen.
  2. Take a photo or select one from your camera roll.
  3. Tap on the sticker icon at the top of the screen.
  4. Search for “temperature” or “temp sticker” in the sticker search bar.
  5. Select the temperature sticker you want to use.
  6. Resize and reposition the sticker on your photo.
  7. Tap “Your Story” to share it with your followers.

Can I choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius for the temperature sticker?

Yes, you can choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius for the temperature sticker. When you add the sticker to your Instagram Story, you’ll have the option to select the temperature unit.

How do I enable GPS to show the temperature on my Instagram Story?

To enable GPS and show the temperature on your Instagram Story, you’ll need to allow Instagram to access your location. Follow these steps:

  1. Open your device’s settings app.
  2. Find the Instagram app in the list of installed apps.
  3. Tap on “Location” or “Location Permission.”
  4. Select “Allow” or “Allow the app to access your location.”
  5. Return to Instagram and try adding the temperature sticker again.

Why can’t I add the temperature to my Instagram Story?

If you’re unable to add the temperature to your Instagram Story, it could be due to a few reasons:

  • You haven’t enabled GPS or allowed Instagram to access your location.
  • Your device doesn’t support adding temperature stickers to Instagram Stories.
  • You’re using an older version of the Instagram app that doesn’t have this feature.

Make sure you’ve followed the steps to enable GPS and allow Instagram access to your location. If the issue persists, consider updating your Instagram app or checking for any app-specific updates.

Can I add the temperature sticker to an Instagram post instead of a Story?

No, the temperature sticker is only available for Instagram Stories and cannot be added to regular posts.

Is it possible to change the temperature sticker after adding it to my Instagram Story?

Yes, it’s possible to change the temperature sticker after adding it to your Instagram Story. Simply tap on the sticker and you’ll have options to resize, reposition, or remove it from your Story.

How accurate is the temperature shown on the Instagram Story sticker?

The temperature shown on the Instagram Story sticker is sourced from weather data providers and should be relatively accurate. However, keep in mind that the accuracy may vary depending on the location and weather conditions.

Do I need to have location access enabled to add the temperature to my Instagram Story?

Yes, you’ll need to have location access enabled on your device to add the temperature to your Instagram Story. Make sure you’ve allowed Instagram access to your location in the settings of your device.

Can I see the temperature sticker on my Instagram Story even if I disable GPS?

No, if you disable GPS or location access on your device, the temperature sticker will not show the current temperature. To see the temperature sticker, you’ll need to enable GPS and allow Instagram access to your location.

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