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DashLikes provides high quality Instagram Likes with Instant or Automatic delivery. Our Automatic Instagram Likes Package will provide you with a set number of Instagram Likes AND Views to all of your new posts (Limited to 3 posts per day). With our revolutionary feature of instant detection, which will automatically recognize when you upload new content. Our Instant Likes Package is perfect if you need a quick boost to a single post as we have prices that can’t be beat. All services will be delivered within 2 – 15 minutes of your order or 2 – 15 minutes after your post if live (if you buy Automatic Instagram Likes). Please note that neither service is a subscription and that you can choose to purchase automatic services after 30 days if you’d like to continue receiving services.

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With DashLikes, you obtain top-notch followers, likes and views at rock-bottom prices! Boost your exposure while increasing your brand's visibility and recognition with our incredible instant packages and automatic packages.

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DashLike uses high-quality accounts that will bring you the best likes and views in the market.

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Your satisfaction is our top priority so we offer 100% money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy Instagram Likes?

Recognition is crucial if you are promoting your business or personal account on Instagram. Having a lot of likes is of the same importance as having a good count of followers. The number of likes on your posts demonstrate how popular you are. When your posts gain a lot of likes, new visitors understand that you post valuable content and want to stay with you. You elevate your reputation, get more fans and your profile can get ranked higher by Instagram algorithms, which attracts more and more followers to your account. Try to buy Instagram likes once and the number of likes will grow exponentially.

How do your Automatic likes work?

Auto likes packages deliver you likes and views in equal amounts automatically when you post new content. Our platform is equipped with auto detection of new content upload and we start delivering you likes right after you add new photos and videos, up to 3 posts per day. It has never been so easy to obtain Instagram likes as you can do it now with automatic packages on DashLikes. You might focus on your content and not worry about new likes, you may be confident that you will have enough.

What is the difference between Instant Likes and Automatic likes?

Instant Likes come as a one-time boost of visibility. These packages work great when you need likes really fast. Automatic Instagram likes are designed to provide a steady flow of likes and views to your new uploads, up to 3 posts per day, with your profile getting more popularity and recognition in a smoother and more natural-looking way. In case you don’t critically need a fast boost, we recommend to buy Automatic packages. Another advantage of auto likes is that you place an order for a monthly subscription once and you don’t need to care about buying likes for every single post.

Why DashLikes?

We offer the highest quality of views, likes and followers at unmatched prices. We are your reliable partner in social media marketing. Our team consists of experienced marketologists who have been providing social media promotion and advertising services to influencers for years. Our Instant and Automatic packages are optimized to deliver the best results according to your needs.

How do I buy cheap Instagram likes?

DashLikes team is proud to provide high quality likes at unmatched prices. Buying Instant or Automatic likes is easy as 1-2-3. You select the desired package, enter your payment details and confirm. Likes will start adding to your account within a few minutes after you place your order. You can relax and enjoy our high-end service.

How fast will you deliver my likes?

Just after you place your order, your high-quality Instagram likes will start appearing on your account. Instant likes will start adding within a couple of minutes. With Automatic likes package, it usually takes 1-5 minutes from our automatic detection system to see your new post and start adding likes and views. So likes are added lightning fast, literally.

How will buying likes help me reach my target audience?

We live in lucky times when you can easily build an interaction with crowds of people just by coming up with social media accounts, promoting your brand or service. However, with a brand new account it might be a real challenge to attract followers and gain enough recognition for your posts. At startup, buying automatic likes will help you go smoothly and not spend too much on attracting visitors. Buy instant or automatic likes and views to boost your recognition, push your growth and expansion in a fast and easy way.

Will my account be banned for buying likes?

DashLikes has serviced thousands of happy customers and none of their accounts has been banned. With our team you can be confident that you buy reliable Instagram likes only.

Do I have to share my Instagram password with you?

No, this is not needed. Whether you buy Instant Instagram likes or Automatic Instagram likes, you don’t need to share any secure details with our team. We recommend that you avoid those providers that require your account password due to security reasons.

How soon can I get started?

You can start right now and it will take you minimum time to see the first result. Buy cheap Instagram likes right now and your account will start receiving more visibility within a few minutes! Placing an order is quick and easy and we start servicing your account immediately after processing the order. So what are you waiting for?

What are other services on DashLikes that might be useful for me?

DashLikes team provides a wide range of services for Instagram marketing and promotion. Along with our extremely effective Automatic followers and Instant followers, you can buy Likes and Views! Click the links above to get more information about these services.

Do you provide support service?

The team of DashLikes puts your satisfaction as the top priority. We provide non-stop customer support, the most attractive prices in combination with the highest quality of followers, likes and views. You can contact us any time when you need help and our friendly team will do our best to resolve all of your questions as quickly as possible.

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