How to Hide DMs on Instagram in 2023: Easy Steps

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Easy Steps to Hide Chats on Instagram Without Deleting: Find Your Hidden DMs on Instagram in 2023

Are you tired of prying eyes on your Instagram messages? Do you wish there was a way to hide your DMs without permanently deleting them? You’re not alone. Many Instagram users share your concerns. But here’s the good news: Instagram has introduced features that allow you to hide your chats and DMs, providing you with the privacy you crave. This guide will walk you through the easy steps on how to hide DMs on Instagram to secure your Instagram experience in 2023.

Overview of Hiding Chats on Instagram

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of chats you have on your Instagram account? Or maybe you’ve had a conversation that you’d rather keep out of sight, but not necessarily out of mind. Well, you’re not alone. Many Instagram users have been in your shoes, and Instagram has features that can help.

One of these features is the ability to hide chats. This feature is a lifesaver for those who want to keep their Instagram app inbox clean and organized. It allows you to hide certain conversations without deleting them, so you can still access them later if needed.

Switching to a Creator Account

But what if you want more control over your messages? That’s where switching to a creator account comes in. With a creator account, you can categorize your messages into Primary and General tabs. This allows you to prioritize your messages and keep your inbox organized.

Now, you might be wondering, “How do I switch to a creator account?” It’s simple. Just go to your Instagram profile, tap on the menu icon, go to Settings, then Account, and then switch to a Professional Account. From there, you can choose to be a Creator.

Speaking from personal experience, as a small business owner, I found the ability to hide DMs on Instagram extremely useful. I often receive a lot of messages from potential customers and sometimes, I need to prioritize responses. By hiding some DMs, I can focus on the most urgent ones and then unhide the others when I’m ready to respond. This feature has been a game-changer for me, helping me manage my business communications more effectively.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the world of Instagram chats and explore more features that can help you manage your messages.

Secret Instagram Conversations Features: Using Vanish Mode

Secret Instagram Conversations Features: Using Vanish Mode

Instagram is not just about sharing photos and videos. It’s also a platform where you can have secret conversations. Yes, you heard it right! Instagram has a feature that allows you to have private chats that disappear after they’ve been viewed. This feature is a boon for those who value their privacy and want to keep their conversations under wraps.

Vanish Mode

One of the features that make secret conversations possible on Instagram is Vanish Mode. When you turn on Vanish Mode in a chat, the messages in that chat will disappear after they’ve been seen or when you close the chat. This feature adds an extra layer of privacy to your Instagram user experience.

But remember, privacy is important. So, before you use Vanish Mode, make sure you trust the person you’re chatting with. After all, they could still take a screenshot of the chat before it disappears.

According to data from We Are Social, only 0.1% of Instagram users are unique to the platform. A large number of users use it alongside other social media platforms such as Facebook (82.9%), YouTube (75.5%), and TikTok (52.2%). This indicates the importance of a cross-platform marketing strategy for brands.

Now that you know about the secret conversations and Vanish Mode on Instagram, let’s delve into how you can hide chats on your personal account.

How To Hide Chats on a Personal Account

How To Hide Chats on a Personal Account

Hiding chats on your personal account is a breeze once you know how to do it. Instagram has made it possible for users to hide their Instagram messages from their chat list. This feature is particularly useful if you have a chat that you don’t want to delete but also don’t want to see in your chat list.

Muting the Chat

One option to hide a chat is by muting it. When you mute a chat, you won’t receive any notifications from it, but you can still view the messages whenever you want. This is a great option if you want to keep the chat out of sight but not completely out of mind.

Deleting the Entire Conversation

If you want to completely remove a chat from your chat list, you can opt to delete the entire conversation. However, remember that once you delete an Instagram conversation, it’s gone forever. You won’t be able to retrieve the messages unless you’ve saved them elsewhere.

As a parent, I appreciate the privacy features on Instagram. My teenage daughter uses the platform and I’ve taught her how to hide DMs from people she doesn’t know well. This way, she can maintain her privacy and avoid unwanted messages. It’s a relief to know that she has control over who can contact her and when she wants to see their messages.

Now that we’ve covered how to hide chats on a personal account, let’s move on to how you can hide chats on a professional account.

How To Hide Instagram Chats on a Creator Account

If you’re a creator on Instagram, you’ll be glad to know that you can also hide chats on your Instagram account. This can be particularly useful if you’re dealing with a large volume of messages and need to prioritize your responses.

Switching to a Creator Account

Before you can hide chats on a creator account, you need to be using one. Switching to a creator account from a personal account is a straightforward process. It provides you with additional features that are beneficial for influencers, public figures, and content creators.

Hiding Chats on Creator Account

Once you’ve switched to a creator account, you can start hiding chats. The process is similar to hiding chats on a personal account. You can choose to mute notifications or delete entire conversations. The Instagram app makes it easy to manage your messages in a way that works best for you.

Can You Hide Conversations on Instagram?

You might be wondering, can you actually hide conversations on Instagram? The answer is a resounding yes! Instagram provides several options to manage your messages and maintain your privacy. Whether you want to hide a single chat or multiple conversations, Instagram has got you covered.

As of 2023, Instagram boasts 2 billion monthly active users, making it the fourth most used social media platform. This shows the potential reach of content on Instagram and the importance of understanding its features, especially when it comes to privacy and managing conversations.

Now, let’s delve into how you can find these hidden conversations once you’ve hidden them.

Can You Hide Messages on Instagram without Deleting Them?

Ever wondered if you can hide messages on Instagram without deleting them? Well, you’re in luck! Instagram allows you to hide your messages without having to delete them permanently. This feature is incredibly useful if you want to clean up your inbox without losing important messages.

Do Private Messages on Instagram Disappear?

When it comes to private messages on Instagram, you might be curious if they disappear after a certain period. The answer is no, they don’t. Your private messages stay in your inbox until you decide to delete them. However, Instagram does offer a feature called “Vanish Mode” where messages disappear after they’re seen and you close the chat. This feature can be turned on or off in individual chat settings.

How Do You Hide Messages on Instagram?

How Do You Hide Messages on Instagram?

So, you’re wondering how to hide messages on Instagram? It’s a common question, especially considering the massive user base of this popular social media platform. Whether you’re trying to declutter your inbox or keep certain conversations out of sight, Instagram offers several ways to achieve this. Let’s dive into the details.

Via Vanish Mode

One method to hide messages is through Vanish Mode. This feature, introduced by Instagram, allows messages to disappear after they’ve been seen or when you close the chat. To use Vanish Mode, simply swipe up in an existing chat and you’re set. Remember, messages sent in Vanish Mode are not hidden but completely disappear, so use this feature wisely!

Using Business Account

Another method involves using a business account on Instagram. Business accounts have more control over their message requests and can limit who can send them messages. This can be a handy way to manage your inbox and keep it clutter-free. To switch to a business account, go to your profile settings and follow the prompts to switch to a professional account. Once done, you can set your message preferences in the privacy settings.

How Do You See Hidden DMs on Instagram?

If you’ve ever wondered how to see hidden conversations on Instagram, you’re not alone. Instagram’s privacy features can sometimes make it tricky to find certain messages, especially if they’re from people you don’t follow. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how you can uncover those hidden chats.

Using Message Requests

One way to see hidden conversations is by checking your message requests. When someone you don’t follow sends you a message, it goes into your message requests rather than your main inbox. To check these, go to your messages and tap on “Message Requests.” Here, you’ll find all the messages from people you don’t follow. It’s a good idea to check this folder regularly, as Instagram doesn’t always notify you about these messages.

Using Professional Account

Another method involves using a professional account on Instagram. Professional accounts, which include both Business and Creator accounts, have access to a feature called the Primary and General inbox. Messages can be moved between these two inboxes, effectively allowing you to hide conversations without deleting them. To access this feature, switch to a professional account, then go to your messages. You’ll see tabs for both the Primary and General inboxes at the top.

According to the 2023 Instagram Trend Report, Gen Z users are increasingly valuing their privacy on the platform. The report, which was created in partnership with WGSN, found that these users are frequently utilizing features like hiding DMs to maintain their privacy. This trend underscores the importance of understanding Instagram’s privacy features, whether you’re a casual user or a business trying to reach this key demographic.


As we wrap up, it’s clear that Instagram has made significant strides in privacy features, especially when it comes to hiding messages. Whether you’re a casual user or a business, understanding these features can greatly enhance your Instagram experience. As we move further into 2023, we can expect Instagram to continue evolving, offering users more control over their privacy and how they interact with others on the platform.

Steps to Hide Instagram Chats

Steps to Hide Instagram Chats

To conclude, let’s recap the steps to hide Instagram chats. This quick guide should help you navigate Instagram’s privacy features with ease:

  1. Open the Instagram app and go to your messages.
  2. Swipe left on the chat you want to hide.
  3. Tap on “Hide.”

Remember, hiding a chat doesn’t delete the messages. You can always unhide the chat if you need to access the messages again. With these steps, you can enjoy your Instagram experience with an added layer of privacy.


How can I hide DMs on Instagram?

To hide DMs on Instagram, you can use the feature that allows you to archive or mute conversations.

Can I hide DMs without deleting them?

Yes, you can use the archive feature to hide DMs on Instagram without deleting them.

How do I find hidden messages on Instagram?

How do I find hidden messages on Instagram?

Go to your Instagram Direct inbox, and tap the search icon in the top right corner. Then, type in the name of the sender or keyword to search for the message you want to find.

What is the way to hide direct messages on Instagram?

The way to hide direct messages on Instagram is to archive or mute them.

What is Instagram Direct?

Instagram Direct is a feature that allows you to send private messages to other users on the platform.

How can I see hidden messages on Instagram?

You can go to the archived messages section of your Instagram Direct inbox to see hidden messages.

How can I send direct messages on Instagram?

To send direct messages on Instagram, tap the message icon in the top right corner and select the user you want to chat with.

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