5 Tips for Asking Questions on Instagram Story

By: Ellen Bartolino

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As a business owner or content creator on Instagram, it’s important to keep your audience engaged and connected to your brand. One way to do this is by asking questions on your Instagram Story. Not only does this help you gather valuable feedback from your followers, but it also encourages interaction and can boost your reach. In this blog post, we’ll be covering tips and best practices for asking questions on Instagram Story.

Tips for Asking Questions on IG Story:

Brainstorming ideas for questions:

  • Before you start asking questions on your Instagram Story, it’s important to have a plan in place. Think about what type of information you’d like to gather from your followers, whether it’s feedback on a new product or service, or just general insights into their interests and preferences. Make a list of potential questions and choose the ones that will be most relevant and useful for your business.

Crafting a clear and concise question:

  • Once you’ve brainstormed a list of questions, it’s important to make sure they are clear and concise. Avoid using complex language or jargon that your followers might not understand. Keep your questions short and to the point, and use the Instagram Story question sticker to clearly pose the question to your followers.

Best Practices for Engaging with Instagram Story Questions:

Responding to all questions in a timely manner:

  • One of the key benefits of asking questions on Instagram Story is that you can quickly and easily gather feedback from your followers. However, it’s important to make sure you’re responsive to their questions and comments. Try to respond to all questions in a timely manner, as this will show your followers that you value their input and are committed to engaging with them.

Using Instagram Story question stickers to your advantage:

  • Instagram provides a variety of question stickers that you can use to engage with your followers. These include multiple choice questions, yes/no questions, and open-ended questions. Experiment with different types of question stickers to see which ones work best for your business and audience. You can also use the Instagram Story question stickers to host polls or quizzes, which can be a fun way to engage with your followers and gather valuable insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Instagram questions?

Instagram questions are a type of sticker that you can insert into your Instagram Stories. These questions allow you to ask your audience for feedback, insights, or opinions, and they can be customized to ask any question you want. When your followers view your Story, they can tap the Instagram question sticker and type a short answer or message in response.

What should I ask to Instagram story Questions?

Best Instagram Stories questions to ask: the top 7!

  • Ask that they send you questions about your favorite subject.
  • Ask for feedback about your product.
  • Ask if your followers like what you post.
  • Do comparisons.
  • Answer some personal questions.
  • Ask for some tips from your followers.
  • Ask what kinds of content they wish to see.

How do you do the Questions on Instagram stories?

To do the Questions on Instagram stories, you should:

  1. Start by opening Instagram Stories and choose a photo or video to upload.
  2. Next, tap the Sticker icon to open the Sticker Tray.
  3. Select the Questions Sticker and type your custom question. …
  4. Position your sticker within your Story.

How do you ask for Q&A on Instagram?

To ask for a Q&A session on Instagram, you can use the question sticker to post a question in your Instagram Story. Your followers can then tap the sticker and send you a question of their own. During a live Q&A session, you can then answer the questions you receive in your Instagram Story.

How can you start asking better questions?

To start asking better questions:

  1. Be a good listener. …
  2. Don’t be afraid of your questions. …
  3. Do your research. …
  4. Go where the conversation takes you. …
  5. Use silence to your advantage. …
  6. Ask probing questions. …
  7. Keep your questions short. …
  8. Get your sequence right.

How do you do 3 questions on Instagram stories?

To ask three questions in an Instagram Story, you can start by asking your audience a question in a video. After recording your video, tap the sticker icon (with the smiley face) at the top of the screen, then select the Questions sticker from the tray. Repeat the process to add two more question stickers and ask two additional questions.

How do you put multiple questions in one story?

To put multiple questions in one Instagram Story, you can use the question sticker multiple times. To do this, select the question sticker from the sticker tray, type in your first question or prompt, then repeat the process to add more question stickers and prompts. Your followers will be able to tap each question sticker and type their own response.


In conclusion, asking questions on your Instagram Story can be a powerful tool for increasing engagement, gathering valuable feedback, and boosting your reach. By following the tips and best practices outlined in this blog post, you can effectively use Instagram Story questions to connect with your followers and drive success for your business. Additionally, buying followers and likes can provide additional benefits and support your overall social media strategy. With the right approach and a little creativity, you can leverage Instagram Story questions to build strong, meaningful connections with your audience.

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